• 2 Lessons

    PASÉ the BULL

    Running a business on a daily basis is not just for anyone! It takes dedication, skill, and most of all organization. Take this course to learn how to properly organize your tasks and also learn the importance of the need to have processes and procedures as a part of your business "habits".

  • 4 Lessons

    Start with WHY

    As we search for purpose or begin the journey of starting a business…We have to start with WHY? Starting with WHY allows us to see…
  • 1 Lesson

    Your Customer GPA

    Ever wondered how to attract the right clients and to maintain a healthy relationship with this?  Complete this module to not only find your purposed…
  • 2 Lessons

    Your Vision GPA

    Course Description Let’s face it…We sometimes go through life and just go with the flow. When we reach a place of “What Now?” it usually…